TITAN Interceptor is a retro-style side-scrolling shooter based on the tactical capital spaceship battle game "Fractured Space".

Pilot the titular Interceptor through 19 waves of increasingly difficult enemies before facing the "Butcher of New Guildford" in the final battle.

The game has a high difficulty level - A single hit will destroy your ship, if you do not pay attention to your heat meter your weapon can overheat leaving you defenseless for a few seconds, and one enemy type just appears out of thin air. This game is not about just blindly shooting at everything that moves - it's survival first, high-score second. The enemies might have some really nasty surprises in store, but they always follow the same patterns. Patterns you can learn and exploit. You will (probably) die (a lot), but each time you learn the pattern and can adapt to it better, until you finally beat all 20 waves.

TITAN interceptor is a fangame using assets based on original designs and artwork fomr "Fratured Space" trademarked/copyrighted by Edge Case Games who have given the creator of this game express permission to use their trademarkes/copyrightes assets.



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